Drago Klanšček, Helena Jeriček Klanšček, PhD, Slovenia

We are Helena and Drago, founders of the company DIH, that helps people who are stressed, tired, lacking energy, and/or have health problems, to achieve a healthier and happier life. Starting from a holistic approach, we have developed a DIH system for body and soul; a system that covers all aspects of life: healthy eating, exercise, way of thinking, happy fasting, intermittent fasting etc.

Working individually or in small groups, we use different ways and methods. We are advocates of organic and sustainable development. We live in nature and have our own organic garden. Greens are part of our everyday diet and we also incorporate greens in our happy fasting programs in the form of green juices and green smoothies. Some say that green blood flows through our veins.

So far, we have guided more than 100 groups of happy fasting, conducted more than 25 trainings in various fields and had more than 5,000 individual treatments.

Our motto is to live what you say, help yourself and others, take care of yourself and everything, constantly explore, be open to the new and work in harmony with everyone and for a better world.

Individual counselling/coaching is also available in English online via Zoom/Skype.

Live fasting programs or online happy fasting programs are also available in English.

E-mail: dih.klanscek@gmail.com

Tel.: 00 386 41517256

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